Establish a POP Patrol

| January 11, 2009 | 0 Comments

By Willie Davis | January 11, 2009

You’ve spent an advertising bundle on bringing in potential customers. Help turn them into sales with a strong interior signage effort, including Point-of-Purchase (POP), posters, and sales tags. Strong signage can educate, thus shortening the buying process. Plus, they can trigger impulse buying or buying more than the potential customer intended.

Idea: POP Patrol: Form a body of employees whose task is to improve your interior signage program. Treat signage as a separate department with the goals to educate and stimulate. Send them on signage scouting missions to discover and steal ideas, not only to your competitors but leaders of other retail industries (e.g., department stores, auto stores).

Willie Nugget #7: Steal one idea and you are a thief. Steal more than one and you are a researcher. Copy successes but understand why they work. Look outside your industry.

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