Here’s a New Math Formula for You

| January 11, 2009 | 0 Comments

By Willie Davis | January 11, 2009

Here’s the mathematical formula behind successful copywriting…

P = p + p + p + p

Persuasion = problem + promise + proof + proposition

YOU WANT TO PERSUADE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS?  What is their problem? What promise can you make to solve their problem? What proof do you have? What offer can you make to draw them to your store?

This is the secret formula behind direct response copywriting. Experienced direct response copywriters know that long copy works because they can take as many pages as needed to identify your problem, their solution, their proof, and an offer for you to try them out. At the end of their copy you have no more questions to ask. They have already been addressed.

How long does the copy have to be? Long enough to fulfill the formula. And no, it’s not as easy with short copy retail newsprint ads, radio and TV spots. The formula usually gets shortened to P = p. Persuasion = proposition.

Anyway, the formula is out. No secret anymore. I had better go hide somewhere.

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