Do You Have A Little Soul In Your Organization?

| January 11, 2009 | 0 Comments

By Willie Davis | January 11, 2009

If so, is it hot or cold?

…many people believe the human soul is what distinguishes humans from other animals.

Market researcher Harvey Hartman believes corporate soul is what distinguishes humanistic companies from others. He sees the issue of company soul as an increasingly important to business survival and growth.

Here are a few lines from one of his essay’s…

Hot is masculine, dogmatic, aggressive, analytical, dominating, high definition, formal materialistic. Cool is feminine, seductive, integrative, informal, nurturing, interactive, spiritual…Hot is a boss or a teacher who is in your face. Cool is a boss or teacher who mentors…Hot thrives in the landscape of the rational, which is clarity and control. Cool thrives in mystery, darkness, and discovery, which is the landscape of Soul…We’re moving toward the Soul Age, and we are convinced this is not merely a superficial, trendy phenomenon…So, what does this mean for retail? We’re already seeing it everywhere; it means that the future lies in cooling things down…A hot retail style is one that focuses on servicing customers who already know what they want and are merely interested in price and convenience. E-commerce is going to soak up a lot of that market…cool styles helps us to understand the success of store like Whole Foods, Starbucks, and IKEA, who have developed a cooler, more soul-oriented style. These stores are destination shopping experiences because they are seductive and inviting. People go there because they are interesting, attractive, different, sometimes funky, and places where they can interact with others – where knowledgeable store personnel or other kindred spirit -customers.

Right on Harvey!

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