Measuring Your Culture

How Does PeopleLution Identify and Measure Culture?

Identifying strengths and weaknesses of your informal culture and measuring change is indeed a difficult task. Academics and management practitioners have struggled for years to find a quantitative tool that does just that.

Years ago, Dr. Samantha Kurtz developed a measurement instrument called the Cultural Index that has been wisely used by many U.S. and Canadian companies. These companies have used the CI as a tool that identifies what needs to be changed, how those changes get measured and whether their potential hires’ expectations are in harmony with what they have to offer.

The process is so simple, it’s beautiful. Everyone in the company anonymously answers six questions on the CI. This anonymity allows them to be honest in their evaluation.

Once quantified, the results will tell you if your company is:

  • United behind a common purpose.
  • Reflecting your core values.
  • Team or individually motivated.
  • Committed and involved.
  • Cautious or risk taking.
  • Adaptive to change.
  • Big picture or detail oriented.
  • Easygoing or aggressive.

With this information in hand, you can then identify your current cultural standing and determine if your company’s existing culture is capable of getting you where you need to be.

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