People have personalities. Companies have personalities. Customers have personalities.

The secret to your organization’s success and security is to align these personalities so that everyone wins…this starts with your hiring process…

Your potential hire is putting their best face forward. They don’t mean to intentionally mislead you, but they need a job. They tell you what you want to hear because they are looking for a “marriage” proposal from you – the position.

Remember, though, you are also on a blind date. If you grow to like your applicant, you may be compelled to unintentionally “sell” your company to your applicant and make it out to be more than it really is.

So, by the nature of the blind date, the two of you may not be telling each other the absolute truth when the truth is the most necessary.In fact, 82% ultimately say they leave a company because expectations created at the initial hiring interview were not realized.

Once the hiring honeymoon is over, you and your new mate may find yourselves less than estatic. Your new hire isn’t all you thought they’d be, and you aren’t exactly what they expected either. The marriage is an unhappy one, and the inevitable divorce or separation becomes messy and costly.

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