What Will You Learn?

The majority of good people who leave a job do so because their hidden expectations weren’t met. Unfortunately, your hiring manager may have inadvertently added to those expectations by creating false hope. The KPSI helps avoid this regrettable pitfall by outlining what fulfills the applicant – something other work place tools don’t do.
In addition, each one of us has a home, work, and public face. Wouldn’t you like to know what face your applicant will display once your hiring honeymoon is over?

With KPSI, you will learn…

  • Whether or not your applicant is a good cultural fit for you, your employees, and your customers – and if you’re good for them! Plus…
  • Their basic personality. The degree to which they exhibit reliability, honesty, capacity to learn, perseverance, and ambition to name but a few.
  • Their work personality. How easily will the person integrate into your culture? How will they relate to management? To others? How well will they accept your policies and procedures?
  • Their public personality. How will your applicant interact with your customers? Is their “best face” their real face?
  • Along with other valuable aspects of their personality such as their communication style, capacity and style for learning and self-evaluation, impulsivity, responsibility, drive, punctuality, goal-orientation, attention to detail, propensity to gossip, energy level, ability to take constructive criticism, manageability, promotion potential, and stress tolerance.

And the icing on top of the cake?

You’ll learn the “locked personality” ingrained into their DNA. Any disruptive traits such as lying, cheating, stealing, gossiping, etc… will be disclosed. You’ll get a real view of the real person, something that you wouldn’t be able to glean during your interview process! KPSI informs you on 24 different scales. More than your applicant would want you to know.

You aren’t that good at picking the right people all the time, are you?

Contact us. Let’s talk about hiring right for your organization.

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