How Does It Work?

It’s easy, easy to get started, easy for your applicant to complete, easy for you to administer.

The first step is for us to understand you and your organization. We ask you, and/or the manager the applicant will report to, to complete the KPSI. No cost.

We also ask each one of your employees to anonymously answer six questions that evaluate their perceptions of your company, a process that takes them less than two minutes. If you wish, we will share our insights about the current culture of your organization. Again, no cost for either of these.

We use this information to determine if your applicant will be dedicated to your vision and values, and is a cultural fit into your organization.

The second step is to ask your applicants to complete a KPSI as part of your hiring process. It can be administered individually or in groups. We’ll provide you all the instruction you will need for this. Then just fax the answers in to us.

And third, within 24 hours a trained professional interpreter will call you personally and share with you extensive in depth information about your candidate. Feel free to ask you interpreter all the questions you want.

No written report will be provided, insuring a candid free-flowing conversation about who your candidate is and how they will interact with others in your organization. Remember, you are looking for the perfect fit and this might require some extended discussion. No written report could cover all the questions you are likely to have.

After listening to our recommendations and discussing your candidate thoroughly, you make the hiring decision. If your decision is to hire and sometime later in their employment you want to discuss them further, no problem. Your one-time KPSI fee includes open dialogue with us about your new employee however often you need it, even long after they have started working for you.

Contact us. Allow us to demonstrate how easily KPSI can make people easy for you.

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