What Do People Say?

“Before KPSI my hiring practices were a huge roll of the dice. After KPSI was implemented I discovered my employee turnover was lower, my productivity increased, and well, everyone gets along much better now.”

“I love the follow-up confidential discussions. Until I had developed faith in the KPSI my conversations lasted up to half an hour. Now I really just need a yes, no, or maybe. Good enough for me.”

“I was skeptical at first. It wasn’t the money. It was the fear of learning about how my organization ticked. I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. Samantha gave me some negatives but overall she convinced me I had a diamond in the rough. We indexed my management team and discovered where my growth bottlenecks were. We rearranged some management responsibilities to fit the current personalities, fired two, and promoted two who knew where we were going. Bottom line, I am running smoother than ever, making more money, and customer dissatisfaction is way down. KPSI was the tool behind all that.”

“I hired two people against KPSI’s recommendation. Dumb.”

“I used other workplace tests before Sam’s KPSI. They were longer, more expensive, and less reliable. Nothing’s perfect, including KPSI. However, over time it has shown enough consistency to better my business.”

“What I discovered was that I had less employee difficulties and more time to devote to fixing other problems in my business – like attracting more customers!”

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