Organizational Dev

Organizations today must operate in a chaotic climate. Denying change is sure to mean slow death for your organization. Our Organizational Development will help you develop a culture that welcomes, manages and turns the unexpected into an advantage.

Yes, we will teach you the process.

Constant renewal must be accomplished without risking your current stability. And, unlike others, our Organizational Development process focuses your modifications on your people. Why? Because your people are the common thread between your organizational problems and the driving force behind your organization’s growth.

As part of Organizational Development training you will:

    • Plan and analyze your actions via our “Continuous Improvement Model,” thus eliminating the need to hire outside consultants. This model frees you and your employees to consistently self-analyze and adjust your organization with virtually no risk.
    • Clarify the vision and values that will drive your organization into the future.
    • Learn how to garner employee support of your vision, values, goals, and ongoing growth processes.
    • Create basic operating manuals for all areas in your organization.
    • Create job descriptions that can be instantly changed to adapt to changing external and internal factors.
    • Create easy-to-use personnel evaluations and performance measurements.
    • Identify your competitive advantage.
    • Develop your core marketing message.

Generate a strategic plan for every segment of your organization, including critical performance measures.

You will find that our Organizational Development program differs dramatically from others because it:

  • Starts where you are now, evaluating clearly “what is” and “what it should be.”
  • Reduces dependency on outside consultants by teaching you the principles behind your actions, not just telling you what to do.
  • Allows you to continue your daily activities while you simultaneously work on your future.
  • Involves all key employees in the process, not just the management team, thus insuring buy-in.

Survival in today’s changing times requires continuous organizational renewal. Wouldn’t it be nice to get past ambiguity to the side of certainty? You can do just that by taking part in our Organizational Development training. Sustained growth and forward movement are all within your reach without risking revenue generation.

Contact us. Let’s talk about creating a climate of self-renewal for your organization.