Core Message

Together, let’s uncover why your customers should think about you first when they are ready to buy.

It is professional suicide for your company’s message to be mismatched with your actual consumer experience. Today’s consumers are smart, savvy, informed and demanding. You better make sure your message isn’t just fluff.

History is replete with generations of consumers who have fallen for advertising rhetoric over organizational substance.  “Talk The Walk” advertising has always been more about talking than walking. Nowadays, consumers look much more closely at what you do rather than what you say.

Influencing your market today is all about authenticity.  Core Message Development is about identifying the core value message that has already won your customers’ hearts minds and pocketbooks. Once you identify what you are doing so well, you can start guessing what to say and start bragging about it.

Contact us. Let’s identify the hidden assets and strengths of your organization so you can stop pushing the envelope and start shouting the truth.

This is the heart and soul of Core Message Development – finding the truth behind your customers’ love for your company and your product. This is the key step in turning non-transparent “Talk The Walk” advertising into authentic “Walk The Talk” advertising.