Media Analysis

A lot of variables are involved in selecting the right media for your message. It’s time to get a second opinion on the best use of media for your company.

We will show you how to wade through the kaleidoscope of media information and then guide you to the best media providers that have the greatest chance of getting your message across in a way that gets you the greatest return on your advertising dollar.

Just as you are familiar with how sneaky and tricky the media sales process can be, so are the salespeople adept at convincing you that theirs is the best product for your company.

Our Media Analysis consists of inviting each media provider to a one-day “Media Day,” an interview of sorts. We interview each “candidate” to uncover their benefits to you – rates, contract responsibilities, coverage, circulation, etc… We do this on your behalf, allowing you to concentrate on other issues.

What you get is a comprehensive, concise report that grades each or your media provider on certain key characteristics. We will then recommend which media is best for your business.

Most media providers and their sales representatives can’t be blamed for guiding us in the wrong direction. They are, after all, representing their employer and selling you what they have to offer. The problem is, what they’re offering may not always be what you should be buying – and dissecting their sales pitch to get to the core can be tedious and confusing.

Contact us. Let’s analyze new media options and opportunities.