Yes, there are certain steps and ‘secrets’ of the trade that generate effective publicity. We will teach you how to do so without spending a dime.

We will help you identify the hottest media, generate story ideas, write press releases, bio sheets and those pesky question and answer sheets. We will show you how to get interviews and then how to use those interview times in the most effective manner.

Every time your company’s name is in the media, your brand becomes more and more recognizable by the public. We’ll show you how to make a superstar out of your business.

There aren’t many organizations in the world that wouldn’t benefit from being well known. Many are able to achieve this through good word-of-mouth. Some pay the media to carry their message through advertising. Some have the skills and ability to have the media tell their story for free. That’s publicity.

Publicity is inexpensive, profitable and fun.

Contact us. Let’s have fun taking a little free ride.