Why People?

Because you are being pressured from all sides by people…

…you are in the “I” of the Storm…

pressing down on you are your higher authorities. These are people, such as your shareholders, regulatory bodies, board of directors – all, from time to time, who have the power to make changes in your organization without being a part of your daily operations. Occasionally, even your family, or your own internal value system wrestles with your daily decisions.

… pressing up on you are a host of uncontrollable forces you must get around. Economical ups and downs, industry shifts, vendor travails, changing technology, environmental issues, and new competition moving in across the street are just a few unknown bends in the road that can impact your organization.

… standing nose to nose in front of you is the empowered marketplace you must penetrate. The truth is, today the people who make up that hallowed ground give little and demand much.

… and behind you is your organization, the people you hired to help pierce the marketplace in front of you. The key question is, do they drag you down, or do they propel you forward?

Securing your tomorrow requires tackling your people problems today.

Don’t focus on your processes, policies, or procedures. Concentrate on the people who run your processes, policies, and procedures.

Don’t think there’s a secret process behind your marketing. Concentrate on the people in your market.

Here’s the magic…when your heart, your employees’ hearts, and your consumers’ hearts beat as one – you get an impossible-to-copy competitive advantage and your top and bottom people pressures reduce dramatically.

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