“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
George Eliot

We use three basic diagnostic tools to get to the “heart” of your matter.

  • ECHO (Each Contributing His/Her Opinion)
: Identifies where your organization is now, where you want to be, the building blocks needed to get you there, and, most importantly, your competitive advantage.
  • KPSI (Kurtz Personality Style Index) : Determines if your applicants will embody your vision and values, and, more importantly, will culturally fit within your organization.
  • CI (Cultural Index): Pinpoints the personality, diverse beliefs and behaviors within your organization.  Discovers how well your policies and procedures are being followed.

Your organization’s future is an open field of possibilities. The power to create the future of your dreams hinges on the choices you make today.

The driving force behind PeopleLution is to identify and neutralize the internal and external pressures that restrict your organizational choices. We believe that you have the power to improve your organization by expanding and improving your choices. The ECHO, KPSI, and CI tools work to identify your options, freeing you to make more thoughtful choices that drive your company to a better future.

After diagnosing your company’s situation and options, we prescribe realistic solutions to help you reach your goals. PeopleLution’s medicine chest has no “miracle cures” – it is filled with easily applicable tools that allow your company to propel into the future.

We call these tools our Improvement Keys.

Check them out or contact us. Let’s start talking about PeopleLutionizing your organization.