More about Willie

Willie Davis is widely recognized as a marketing expert who for over 18 years has simplified the complex world of marketing for independent retailers. He is a one man think- tank who connects their marketing dots and marshals the required resources to successfully influence their market in their favor.

Willie’s marketing knowledge is thorough, and his expression is passionate. His teachings to independent retailers leap way beyond successful advertising techniques. He is an expert in segmenting markets and determining who his clients can best serve. He is an expert in identifying consumer buying motivations. He is an expert in uncovering unique selling positions that differentiate from the competition. And he is an expert in developing effective marketing communication strategies that successfully stair-step into advertising that works.

Willie is a skilled copywriter who has written and developed successful radio, TV, direct mail, and print campaigns. He is very media savvy and knows well how to put together a retail advertising budget and calendar. He has taught marketing seminars, authored a weekly Crash Course In Marketing, been published in national trade magazines, and been a keynote speaker at multiple national conventions.

Trivia from Willie…

Music: Rock and Roll between 1957 and 1965; Doo Wop; Bluegrass; Old Country; any music that moves my soul, and Country Gospel. Love The Nylons.”

Movies: “Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers, A Bridge to Far, The Longest Day, Midway, Back to the Future, The Color Purple, Shrek, The Shawshank Redemption, Little Shop of Horrors, The Godfather Series, Toy Story I, II, and III.”

My Heroes: “Winston Churchill; Abraham Lincoln; Captain John H. Miller or anyone like him (character played by Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan).”

Favorite Quotes: “Any emperor could have had Cleopatra.” “The sign of an educated baby boomer is one who listens to the William Tell Overture and NOT think of the Lone Ranger.” “The world bats last.”