ECHO is Different

Why Is ECHO Different?

ECHO’s uniqueness among other industry tools can be found in the very process that discovers the truths around you.

With ECHO, a select group of people is brought together with the sole purpose of learning how to improve your organization. The methodology is unique, specific and fact-based.

We assure you that the prioritized improvement plan you receive will be based on collected data, not opinion.

On the other hand, most consultants offer solutions based on their experience working in your industry. Their conventional practice is to describe your perfect world and then identify and try to correct your weaknesses. Unfortunately, too often they recommend out-of-reach solutions which could actually hurt your core competencies. In short, they base their evaluation and recommendations on their general industry truths instead of your specific operational truths. 

The primary reason ECHO outshines all others is that all the truths uncovered, all the information shared and everything learned, comes directly from the people that matter most to your organization.

You can’t get any more genuine than that.

Contact us. Our people-centric ECHO methodology will provide an improvement plan that will carefully guide you toward great gains.

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