ECHO Teaches

What Will You Learn from ECHO?

There are two primary areas of learning. Your ECHO prioritized improvement plan will divulge how your employees and your customers really feel about you and your organization, pointing out the underlying reasons they feel the way they do.

This information alone gives you enough to chew on in order to develop a multi-year organizational strategic plan.

The primary factor you will learn is your competitive advantage; why people should turn to your company as opposed to all the other options they have.

In addition you will learn:

  • Insights regarding your competition you didn’t think were possible to obtain.
  • The current strengths and weaknesses of your organization. Areas where you can immediately make short-term adjustments and plan for long-term improvements.
  • Honest answers to any question you desire around your products and/or services.
  • Where there are opportunities for new products and/or services.
  • Key information about your market, including basic demographics and lifestyle information.
  • What attracted people to your organization to begin with.
  • How people in your market learn about products and services.

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