(Cultural Index)

This basic diagnostic tool identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, measures your informal culture, and the effectiveness of your change initiatives.

CI is a one-of-a-kind evaluation instrument used by PeopleLution in conjunction with KPSI and ECHO to create a culture within your company that follows your vision and values.

It is vital to get to know your informal culture intimately! Why?

Every organization, including yours, has a formal and informal culture.  As your organization’s leader, you want an organization engineered to your vision. Your formal culture is the sum of goals, structure, technology, policies and procedures you establish and try to control to make this happen.

The informal culture is your employees’ reaction to your formal culture. They take their individual attitudes, values, feelings, expectations and interactions and match them against your formality. The outcome is organizational behavior that takes on a life of its own. Your organization’s productivity decreases when, without your guidance, employees’ individual feelings evolve into organizational characteristics, preferences, habits, and ultimately entrenched beliefs that have a negative effect on the quality of their work.

Organizational culture is the difference between what you talk and what your employees walk. Your employees might understand your desires, but it is their feelings about those desires that will dictate their eventual actions and the atmosphere encountered by your customers.

That is why it is vital to get to know your informal culture intimately.

Contact us. Let’s learn about your organization’s informal culture.

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