Employees Can Harm

How Can Your Employees’ Habitual Patterns Significantly Harm Your Organization?

As you look for the reasons behind decreased productivity levels and stalled new initiatives, you are sure to find one or more of these culprits:

  • Your management team is not communicating effectively with your employees.
  • Your employees’ believe they can dig in and delay change.
  • Your policies and procedures aren’t creating the culture you envisioned.

This can result in a cultural hostility that manifests itself by employee resistance towards your initiatives, further enhancing your non-productive climate.

In addition, it’s no secret that the marketplace is demanding more than ever from your organization. Your consumers can see, feel and almost taste your organization’s culture the moment they walk through your doors. The quality of their personal experience within your walls dictates whether they return or not – and what they tell their friends and family.

There are so many reasons for your company to constantly reshape itself to fit a rapidly changing world. Your organization must be adaptable. The informal culture within your walls can no longer remain an untamed beast; you must domesticate it and steer its course in the right direction.

It’s true that people don’t like change. When left on their own, they become comfortable in the status quo and resist any outside change. As Captain of your organizational ship, you are in the “I of the Storm.” It is up to you, the leader of your organization, to understand the importance of change and then fashion a culture which will reflect a willingness to go beyond your comfort zone and enter the uncharted waters of yet-to-be-discovered productivity.

The question is, how do you go about creating the culture you want?

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